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A group desight 2bring us as a christian 2getha in our quest 2share nd meet @dfrent places of our choice 4d glory of GOD.Evry1 is welcome 2join.LOVE U ALL.

Group Founder: 2uise
Description: Dis is a group 4u wu want 2enjoy lyf in a christian way nd we thot wit d involvemnt of u,it'l grow as xpectd.Usualy it brings as 2getha in dfrent places nd mainly places wev nt bn 2so as xplore d body,spirit &soul so tht we cn alighn ourselvs wit God's wil.We luv God in our dfrent wayz nd we nid as christians 2share tht wit our frends so tht we cn worship Him in truth & in spirit.Wit God's guidance we achive.I luv u God luvs u mo,hop we meet.BLES
Group Type: Public join
Members: 47
Category: Your City/Region > Africa

Topics (49)

go newbie (1) obiagz
im new here, need nice friends.. thanks.

go Relationship (4) 2uise
What is your ideal relationship, one which waits for s*x till marriage or one which has s*x as proof love?

go LOVE (0) jee15
evry1knws how 2 luv. adam and eva luv'd each atha. so wat couses u 2 luv, and where does that luv comes from?

go Trust (4) gia2
Hw does trust cm in2 play in a boy/gal relationshp?

go loneliness (11) 2uise
Lets share lonely moment/s nd missings. mind u loneliness kills.

go Beauty and the beast (2) 2uise
What is it about beauty and the beast that makes either word you?

go True fasting (1) 2uise
Why have you fasted and yet you have not seen the results? Consider your ways and meditate up the words of Isaiah 58: 3- 9.

go By faith (0) 2uise
now (there was bt frm 2day), faith is a substance of things hoped for ( something tangible or real expectation meet), the evidence of things not seen ( calling things that be not as tho they are). sha...

go s*x mamama! (14) 2uise
Ten factor that make youths hv s*x before marriage.

go Cheating (2) 2uise
What makes people cheat in a relationship?

go Hurting Past (2) 2uise
Sharing how people have overcome or have helped people overcome or think you can overcome a hurting relationship.

go Ladies' dress code (9) 42acsirp
Is there decency in the way most ladies dress? As a woman,i sumtys feel uncomfortable seeing hw my fellow ladies dress....wat do u say?

go Relationships (9) 2uise
How much is too much to give in a boy/ girl relationship?

go Appreciation (2) gia2
Kndly drop in any nice txt 2 apreciate sm1 in ur lyf e.g sm1 who inspires u,it cd b sm1 u love etc.

go Launch launch!! (2) 2uise
Share anything new about d group on d ground. The group's document is done and we are looking towards launching it on a sa ay, a week before christmas and it will be a late morning till early evenin...


Polls (3)

go If life was a bus ride where would you be?
go Wat is d significance of xmas 2yo lif?
go Does God involve Himself in politics?get 2vote.