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Subject: Relationships
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2uise 26.10.09 - 01:56pm
How much is too much to give in a boy/ girl relationship? *

ourlady 27.10.09 - 03:20pm
One of the broadest topics is relationshps i thnk that in a nutshell to attempt to gv justice to a rltnshp love sums it up. For u can never override those u love, their welfare is always first... *

2uise 30.10.09 - 05:10am
Dia i think u hvnt done justc 2d quesn. *

e3e 30.10.09 - 08:53pm
If u give more than u suppoz to ie wen u r in a girl/boy reletionship doesnt mean u r marriage or already or ull marry so never give things wic shudu be given in marriage b4 such as buying yo partner expensive things coz da tym ull b broke he/sh will liv or ull b 4ced to do wat iz wrong coz of da money ie puts it lik buyin da partner *

ourlady 2.11.09 - 12:54am
The length of our lives is known only to God. If we should be in a relationshp by all means give it your all!! In life with respect to the unpredictable ways of man all we do is take risks, i disagree about the gifts and what not. I think we should never limit the things we buy for those we love...
Yes there are thngs like s*x that shouldnt be taken up before marriage. This is cardinal in our faith. *

gia2 3.11.09 - 12:41am
Relationshps r games of chances so whn we hv dt chance2love we shd jus gv in r bst cz u nvr knw who wl truly steal ur h@ n jus lov u 4 who regardles of wethr da othr p'son dznt sim2pt in mor e4t we shdnt gv up on thm cz i blv evry p'son is capabl of nurturin their partnr in2w@ u wnt thm2bcm.. *

2uise 9.11.09 - 09:34am
Wen material gifts 2much 2accept or receive? *

2uise 9.11.09 - 09:34am
Wen is material gifts 2much 2accept or receive? *

ourlady 9.11.09 - 09:36pm
When they are given wt the mind of gettn sth in return. *

2uise 10.01.10 - 08:21pm
Lets contribute *

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